About Us

Whether you're looking for a Citroen H Van catering trailer or a "silver bullet" Airstream, here at Retro Replicas, we like to do things a little bit differently. We don’t just sell retro food trucks, we design and build high-end, full-scale replicas of your favourite classics including;

The all-American Airstream

The chic Citroen H Van

The vintage VW campervan

The iconic IH Metro

The ultra-80s US Postal Truck

The perfecto Piaggio Ape

Because our units are brand-new, built in the UK and are completely custom, this means we can build to your exact specifications! When it comes to customising our replica builds, the sky really is the limit! No matter how crazy an idea may be, we find a way to make it happen.

Food truck stats

The street food industry is one of the fastest growing in the UK, seeing a continuous growth of 20% year-on-year.

In the UK alone, there are over 7,000 catering trailers serving food and drink.

What better time to stand out from the crowd by investing in a retro inspired food truck!

Our Products

Your replica should be as unique as you and your business, that’s why we don’t just specialise in one particular model, but offer six to choose from, all built in Great Britain! As well as popular catering trailers, we also build harder to come by models, such as the replica US Postal Trucks and replica IH Metros – we’re actually the only company in the UK who build these models.

Each of our replicas come with a range of mobility options to suit your business needs:

• Static - All our units are built static as standard, which is great for permanent pitches or if you don’t need to move your business often.

• Trailer - We also build our replicas as towable trailers*. This is our most popular choice as customers can simply “hook up and go”, taking their business anywhere with them. Towable units are also much more convenient than all in one drivable food trucks.

• Electric motor - Ok, if you really want a unit that can drive, who are we to say no? Our battery powered electric motors mean you can drive your unit on private land** (not public roads). This option is perfect for businesses situated on private land such as universities, hotels, holiday parks and more. Don’t worry though, you’ll still have the best of both worlds in terms of running costs! Because our electric motor replicas aren’t road legal you’ll save on motor insurance, MOT, road tax and other costly expenses for vehicle upkeep!

*Please note, this option is not available for the replica Piaggio Ape

** Please note, this option is not available for the replica Airstream

Trailers VS Trucks

There are a few reasons why we build trailers and static units instead of drivable food trucks, but the main reason comes down to cost - a very important factor for most business owners.

Trailers benefit from the exemption of yearly MOTs, road tax and cheaper insurance, whereas drivable vehicles require all of these. In addition to this, if your drivable truck breaks down, that can mean a whole day of trade lost (sometimes longer). But, if your towing vehicle breaks down, you can simply hire or borrow another and continue business as usual – a much smaller headache to deal with!